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Previous Harada Science & Engineering Fair Results

decorativeCompeting in the Science & Engineering Fair takes great dedication. We are very proud of our dragons that have taken on this task in the past. Look through the list below and see if you recognize any students listed. If you do, make sure to ask them about their experience as a participant.


2019- 2020 Results

The Harada Science and Engineering Fair was held Friday, January 15, 2020 with over 35 entries. The winners of the Primary Grade Group Project were Josiah, Elihan, Annette, Alex, Matteo, and Julian from Maestra Pérez’s class. Congratulations second graders!

The students that moved on to the district level, in the combined 4th and 5th grade category, in no particular order, are Elijah Turner, Andrea Márquez, Desi Márquez, and Audrey Nina Torres.

Sixth grade students that moved on to the district level, in no particular order, were Valeria De La Tejera, Omari Huma, Alexia Widdison, Sevanni Tejera, Mauricio Hernandez, Dneeksha Parkuru, and Ayden López. Congratulations to everyone!

4th Grade

Cleaning Slime with Vinegar-Audrey Nina Torres
Electric Boat- Elijah Turner

5th Grade

How Do You Make a Battery Using Lemon- Desi Márquez
How Do Copper Wire & Magnets Create Electricity- Andrea Márquez

6th Grade

Balloon Powered Cars- Ayden López
Finding Horsepower- Mauricio Hernandez
Citrus Battery- Dheeksha Parkuru
Hot Wheels Fastest Velocity in a Straight Way- Sevanni Tejera
Thinking Brighter- Omari Huma
Melting Ice- Valeria De La Tejera
Got Batteries- Alexia Widdison

2020- 2021 Results

This year, Harada Dragons in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade had the opportunity to participate in a virtual science and engineering fair. Students that decided to take on this challenge spent weeks, if not months, on this extracurricular activity.

Judges found the projects submitted by the students listed below had all the required digital components and selected them to move on the district level.


Elementary Division Grades 4-6

What difference do flours amke in baking cupcakes?- Audrey Nina Torres

Junior Division Grades 6-8

Can you build a cleaner, fuel efficient and less costly race car engine?-Dhyannah Thakor (This project moved on to the county level competition.)
What's a better homemade charger?- Mia Morales
Fruit as a power source?- Raquel Tapia
Can magnets, copper coil, and batteries produce electricity?- Mario Ruedas
Apple Wreaking Ball- Iris Esproles

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