Envision 2033

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Page Updated: Dec. 6, 2023

The Corona-Norco Unified School District has initiated a ten-year plan to provide additional support to our two flagship schools, Corona High and Norco High with an overarching goal of increasing enrollment. This will be done through facility upgrades, program expansion, staffing alignment, and strategic communication efforts.

Key Components:

Appropriate Leadership & Staffing
Human Resources is working with site administrators to determine staffing needs unique to each site outside of CNUSD’s standard staffing formula. 

Program Alignment & Expansion
Our Educational Services and Human Resources teams will be forming a committee to research and brainstorm what type of programs we can offer at these sites to ensure equitable educational opportunities for students. 

Facility Improvements
Our Facilities team has met with site leaders and reviewed our facilities master plans to determine site needs and establish a plan for improvements at each site.

Comprehensive Public Relations Campaign 
Our Communications Office has prepared comprehensive communications plans for each school and will be assisting with promotional materials and strategies at each site.